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SUP Yoga

A few weeks ago, I picked up the local Get Out Chattanooga magazine and read the article “Standing Ovation” about riding rapids, dodging rocks and skirting hydraulics on the Ocoee and Nantahala – while standing up. It’s called Stand-up Paddleboarding, aka SUP. At the time, I was just weeks away from beginning my white water raft guide training, so the article really grabbed and held my attention. It’s an interesting take on the calm SUP I’ve seen before and it truly deserves a separate review on this blog. The intent for this post was to mention my excitement at a “new” thing I am going to try. A few days after I read that magazine article Livingsocial put on a deal for a 1-hour SUP Yoga by L2 Boards, which a local Chattanooga company. Once again, I recruited  my boyfriend to hit the water with me next time he came in town and he agreed to give it a shot. I feel very blessed that I have the desire and attitude to try new things all the time as well as the physical ability and a partner who will humor me in the name of love. I really have so much to be grateful for.

Local SUP Business

Mark Baldwin and his wife, Kim, opened the business less than 2 years ago.













SUP near downtown Chattanooga

Sunset SUP Yoga

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